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All In One kit - 40 Gallon breeder (AIO)
  • All In One kit - 40 Gallon breeder (AIO)

    Refugium / Sump kit is for a 40 gallon breeder aquarium (36.1875" x 18.125"X 16.9375").


    please contact if you would like kit pre-assembled with the tank (for a seperate price) 

    The Kit is made out of Precision Laser cut 1/4" Black cast acrylic

    Kit includes: 

    - all in one baffle 

    - 2 sock silencer 


    - 5 x 6 return section 

    - holds 2 socks 

    - 2 sections for skimmer and refugium 

    - 2 return holes 

    - Interlocking design 

    - intuitive 

    - interlocking design 

    - great high-quality sump for an affordable price. 

    all that is needed is aquarium safe silicone* and a 40 gallon breeder aquarium. 

    *We recommend GE silicone for plastic due to its ability to adhere to both acrylic and glass. It is also 100% reef safe.


    The inside width of the aquariums will vary due to the different brands and manufacturers. This kit was designed for a 40 gallon long Aqueon® tank. The inside width is 17.50". If your tank does not match the inside width of this kit, we will be happy to make a custom kit for no extra cost. Be sure to measure the inside width to the nearest 32nd of an inch. The best way to measure the inside with is with calipers, however if calipers are not an option cut a dowel or straight wooden stick until it fits flush with the glass on both sides (make sure the stick is level when it is flush with both sides of the tank).

We can build you a kit for any size aquarium such as, 10 gal, 20 gal L, 20 gal H, 29 gal, 40 gal breeder.  We can also make custom kits dividers to any specifications. 
Send a message for a quote or more information.



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